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The Essence of Service



In essence, the service I have always endeavored to provide to my clients is .....

CLIENT-CENTERED: When dealing with Buyers and Sellers, at every step, I ask the question "Is this in the best interest of my client?" I ensure that I provide to my clients the benefits and risks involved in every decision so that they can make an informed choice.

Certainly, I have enjoyed the almost 15 years that I have worked under the RE/MAX® banner, always striving to serve the best interests of my clients. However, there has always been a quiet dissonance between my intrinsic commitment to my clients and the culture of the branded real estate organizations. These organizations take great pride in serving the interests of their real estate sales people. All aspects of the organizations are geared to help the REALTOR® to make more money and gala conventions are held every year where awards are given to agents based on how much money the REALTOR® has made in the year. I believe real estate is a profession devoted to helping Buyers and Sellers enhance their quality of life and in protecting and growing the biggest financial asset most people own - their home. It is imperative that we conduct ourselves as the professionals that we are. How many of us have chosen our physician, dentist or accountant based on the amount of money he or she makes? In 2014, this dissonance was resolved with the creation of ESSENCE OF SERVICE REALTY, where the client is at the front and centre, always - both in action and perception.

COMPETENT: The sale and purchase of real estate is a complex process requiring the skills and knowledge of a seasoned REALTOR® in the areas of analyzing real estate markets and trends, marketing, interpersonal relations, negotiation and time management .... to name a few. However, to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for the Buyer and Seller, a coordinated effort is required by the REALTOR®, lawyer, mortgage broker, building contractor and others. For example, one of my listing clients received two competing offers. The offer with the higher purchase price had a quick possession date. To be able to accept the higher offer, my client would have to sign at the lawyer's office the very next day as he had a plane reservation to fly abroad the day after. It was after eight in the evening and I dialed the lawyer's cell phone. He took the call even though he was in Toronto and assured us that he'll take care of everything. The next morning at 8 o'clock the lawyer's office called to get the information to prepare the paper work.

CONSISTENT: Although most of my transactions every year involve my past clients or their friends and relatives referred to me, the effort is always to surpass the level of satisfaction they have enjoyed in the past. Like any other industry, real estate is undergoing continuous transformation and I ensure that the service I provide is always of the highest quality at all times.



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