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Shelly Chand - Corporate Vice-President
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1. EquityMax - Higher Yield of Life's Savings from Your Home.
Generally, after purchase of their home, my clients and I develop long term relationships. Often, I receive calls asking whether a certain upgrade will add to the value of the home, if I can suggest a contractor for some work on the home, help in buying investment properties or simply asking how much a home on their street sold for. I find it very satisfying when I help my long-time client friends build and recover equity in their homes. In my 24 years of real estate practice however, I have observed that many homeowners are having to lose a portion of their life's savings in their homes at the time of its sale. Learn more here.

2. Can we be a Team?
While Buying or Selling your home it is crucial to work as a Team with your REALTOR® and establish a high level of Mutual Trust. If you are visiting this site seeking the services of a REALTOR® to help you in Buying or Selling a Home, Investment Property or a Small Business, Click here to find out whether we can work as a Team.

3. At Your Service 24/7!
I have experienced that verbal communication by phone or in person is most effective when providing information to my client friends regarding the sale and purchase of real estate. However, technology can multiply the effectiveness and reach of our communication. So, if you are wondering in the middle of the night what the Land Transfer Tax will be for the home you are considering writing the offer on, but hate to wake me up, Click here for the answer .

4. One Stop Shop !!
To client friends looking to buy a home, I recommend that the most effective way to search for suitable homes is by setting up auto-notification where new listings with the specified criteria are automatically e-mailed to the buyers at specified intervals. However, if you wish to browse listings in general or wish to access information regarding schools and communities, Click here.


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