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EquityMAX  for homeowners



Higher Yield of Life's Savings from your Home.

Generally, after purchase of their home, my clients and I develop long term relationships. Often, I receive calls asking whether a certain upgrade will add to the value of the home, if I can suggest a contractor for some work on the home, help in buying investment properties or simply asking how much a home on their street sold for. I find it very satisfying when I help my long-time client friends build and recover equity in their homes.

In my over a quarter century of real estate practice however, I have observed that many homeowners are having to lose a portion of their life's savings in their homes at the time of its sale.

WHO are the owners that are likely to lose equity when selling home?

The typical homeowner is likely to lose some of their life's savings when selling home.....

  • has owned and lived in the home for 20 years or more
  • the mortgage on the home has been mostly paid off
  • the home has provided comfortable living space over the years, however, the owner never had the need or desire to update it to today's style and standards
  • the needs of the owner have now changed, making it necessary to sell and move
  • in the existing condition the home would likely sell for around 20% below it's fair market value because of the deferred maintenance of the home

WHAT are the issues that need to be taken care of?

The issues that need to be resolved are:

  • identifying upgrades that will optimally increase the market value of the home to its fair market value or higher
  • having the construction expert, cost-effectively and in a timely manner, complete the required renovations
  • arranging, short time, interim financing for paying for the renovations

HOW will owners recover maximum equity from sale of home?

EquityMAX is the service package customized for homeowners that John Chand, Broker Owner of ESSENCE OF SERVICE REALTY, has provided to his investor clients for many years.

The service is comprised of:

  • assessing whether the home qualifies for EquityMAX
  • identifying and estimating costs for home improvements that will OPTIMIZE the market value of the home, as well as the interest and administration costs
  • assisting Homeowner in securing INTERIM funds for payment of renovation, interest and administration costs until receipt of sales proceeds from the sale of home
  • coordinating with the Construction Expert, Kent Walters, Owner Manager of Brentwood Construction Company, having over 40 years construction experience, to complete the renovations efficiently to make home market-ready
  • listing home on the MLS at a competitive price for a quick sale
  • employing Listing Broker's expertise and resources to match a buyer to the property that will pay the highest possible price for the home
  • facilitating smooth closing of the transaction with Homeowner receiving the highest possible yield of their life's savings from the sale of their home



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